In the editor/player there are some missing features or bug that are known and will be implemented/fixed in next versions:

Not yet implemented pattern commands
  • Hardrestart command This will trigger an hard restart in next note even if instrument did not have it
  • Pointer command to instrument This is for activate an effect in an instrument at level pattern. Note that this already works using instrument, but is not so intuitive
  • Hifi portamento A portamento independent from octave/note
  • Hifi vibrato A vibrato independent from octave/note
  • Vibrato slider Automatically increase of frequency in vibrato
Improvements/missing features
  • Ability to lock the individual pattern scrolling (all 3 patterns scroll together)
  • Undo function
  • Activate piano roll playing (that means even the compilation in real time of instrument)
  • Activate the disable of real time compilation of tune option
  • Add many utilities for inserting patterns of values into instrument dialog tables. Filling a table is a time consuming task that can be simplified by the utility. Actually you can load/save a single table and share this onto your instruments.
  • Add the full optimization onto the packer to save space. Actually only limited intelligence is implemented
  • Try an optimization of the player to let 4X speed to be more reliable
  • Add parametrics compilation in player for disabling the features not used into a tune. This will save player space and make it runs faster
  • Report when there is a sound problem (sometimes the sound core library is not able to have a free sound line to use and so the playing is mute)
  • Add the ability to modified JSidplay2 sound emulation (actually you have to start JSidplay2, changes your preferences, save it and then use the editor again)
  • Activate the Option: 6581 vs 8580 that are present but not active. Actually the chip type to use is the one set into the song panel, but it is desiderable to bypass this setting in some cases
  • Add more shortcut keys into the program. Actually 90% can only be make with the use of right-click mouse button
  • Add real time animation of track/pattern when playng the tune
  • Tone portamento with byte 0 did not make a tie note yet
Bugs to fix
  • Not all the logic of track editing is implemented, that means that you can make the track to be in an not consistency logic state by canc/insert commands in it. Be sure that you add commands in track that are according to the description given in this help.
  • Even if the pattern commands where tested, there is the possibility that they don't work as expected (due to the big changes made into the player recently). Please report if you find a wrong issue