The track panel let you enter the patterns to play for each tune of each voices.
You have many functions that are available from icons or menu:
  • Previous Tune Goto edit previous tune
  • Next Tune Goto edit next tune
  • Start Rewind to start position
  • Play Play the selected song
  • Pause Pause the song play
  • Stop Stop sound generation

Track Panel

Track Panel

In the panel there is a spinner for easy selection of the song and tree rows (one for each voice) where insert the pattern to play. Voice 1 is the upper row, while voice 3 is the bottom row.
In one cell you can press one of this keys:
  • Insert Insert a new cell in the position
  • Canc Cancel the cell in that position
With a right-click into one cell you have access to a sub-function menu:
Right click menu

  • Set repeat to here
    Set the position where repeat the tune to here
  • Set for no repeat
    Remove the position: the track did not repeat when finished
  • Insert pattern
    Insert one pattern to play (you can choose values from 0 to 222)
  • Insert repetition
    Insert a number of steps to repeat some many times. It is based onto 2 parameters:
    • The number of times the patterns aer to repeated
    • the number of steps to achieve before repeat to the position where the command is inserted. You cannot add nested repetition commands.
  • Insert transpose
    Insert a transpose. The following patterns will play at that transpose rate. Use TR+0 to not use the transpose.
Insert Pattern   Insert Repetition   Insert Transpose

In the left part of the panel there are a semaphore and a timer counter.
THe timer will show actual play time of the song, while the semaphore varies according to this:
  • Red semaphore Red semaphore: not ready to play
  • Yellow semaphore Yellow semaphore: compilation is being done in background
  • Green semaphore Green semaphore: can play the tune